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Student Residents

Applications for the academic year 2016-17 are due by December 5, 2015.
However, early applicants may be given priority and late applicants may still be admitted.  If you have missed the deadline please inquire with the Language House Director.  We will also consider applications for residency received during the spring and summer from continuing and transfer students.

Resident Requirements and Application:

All LH residents must be enrolled full-time at Cornell and must be upperlevel, undergraduate students.  

Applicants for residency in the LH should have at least an intermediate-level proficiency in their language section of interest (Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, French, German or Spanish) by the time they are admitted. Students with advanced language proficiencies are definitely welcome, but if you are already fully fluent, you should apply for a position as a Native Speaker, not as a student resident.

Student residents should have completed the following course levels (or their equivalent), by the spring before moving into the LH, in order to eligible to live in the LH:

  • Arabic - 1102
  • Japanese - 1102
  • Mandarin - 1102
  • French - 1230
  • German - 1230
  • Spanish - 1230

After you submit your application, you may be asked to meet with the LH Director for an informational interview and/or with a Faculty Fellow for a brief target language interview.  (You will be exempted from the interviews if you are not in Ithaca during the application period, though we may conduct a phone interview.  We will require clear evidence of your level of language fluency so that we can place you suitably.)

In order for the Language House to be successful, all students must agree to be active participants and are, therefore, asked to take the following Pledge of Commitment  If, when applying, you feel there may be difficulties for you to uphold this pledge, please communicate with the LH Director first and/or include a note about your conflict on your application.

If I become a resident of the Language House, I agree to:

  • Attend an orientation session at the beginning of the semester, the day before classes begin.
  • Dine together 4 times per week (some exceptions will be made)
  • Attend one conversation hour activity per week (some exceptions will be made)
  • Use my target language during all Language House activities, to the best of my abilities
  • Take at least one course in my target language, unless exempted by the program director.
  • Help conceive of, organize, and attend language and/or cultural events within my language group and between language groups.
  • Assist with recruiting by making classroom visits in the fall or other activities, as fits my schedule.

Admittance and Lottery Information
Most admission decisions are made before housing lotteries take place in February and March.  You may apply to the Language House and also register for the lottery, as long as you end up signing only one housing contract.


Check back here on September 23, 2015 for application information.