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Living in Language House

The Language House is located in Boldt Hall, which is part of the Alice Cook House (ACH) on West Campus.  As such, all Language House residents and Native Speakers are also members of the Alice Cook House and can make use of all of the amenities and activities offered by it.  Please go to the Alice Cook House website to find out more about it and the West Campus House System.

Boldt Hall is an old Gothic-style building.  It contains all of the LH student rooms, a kitchen-lounge area, a laundry room and the office of the LH Program Director.

All student rooms are either singles or doubles.  LH students are grouped into rooms based on their language of study, though in rare circumstances students must room together who are in different language sections.  Singles are in high demand and are prioritized to students who are either Native Speakers, seniors or juniors, returning LH students, and/or students with special needs.

There is also a Student Assistant (SA) who, along with the LH Program Director are responsible for ensuring the overall safety, health and well being of Boldt Hall/LH residents, as well as offering social programming.