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Native Speakers

Native Speakers of the Language House are student staff members who live in Boldt Hall and serve as language mentors in matters related to the target language and culture.  They form close bonds with the students in their language sections, as the eat together 4 times per week and engage in weekly conversational activities, sharing with them their interest and passion for language and culture. 

Native Speakers are responsible for initiating and organizing activities that encourage the residents of the Language House to broaden their linguistic, cultural, academic, and social development.  They attend four meals per week with the residents from their language section, at agreed-upon locations and times, providing conversational oversight for residents and guests.  They also provide informal linguistic and cultural activities for their language sectionsm, drawing inspiration from their own backgrounds and interests, and taking advantage of the many culturally related events happening on campus.  The aim is to achieve the goals of 'linguistic immersion' in an informal, friendly environment conducive to language and cultural learning.  Each Native Speaker encourages the use of the target language at every opportunity while the members are in the house, at dinners together, or at any other group activity.

There is one NS hired per language section per year.  They are compensated with a free, single room in Boldt Hall and a 50% required meal plan deduction.  Upperclassmen and graduate students are encourged to apply.

Interested in being a Native Speaker?

Please visit our Native Speakers application page for a job description, qualifications, and the application form and deadlines.

Native Speaker
I was born in Changsha, a historical city in the famously spicy Hunan province of China. There I spent the first nine years of my life and developed an interest in stories as well as a love of rivers and rain.