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It has been possible over the years for language sections within the Language House to arrange trips to nearby cities as well as overseas.  The possibility of these trips has depended on student leadership within the House as well as funding from the LH and other departments within Cornell.  LH trips are currently being evaluated and may assume a different structure within the future.

Examples of trips taken are:

  • The German section took a spring break trip to Germany to study cultural stereotyping.
  • Members of the Mandarin section took a spring break trip to Taiwan to research waste recycling.  Others went to Guangzhou to study educational issues affecting immigrant children.
  • The French section went to Montreal to view the Festival of Lights. Another year, members of the French section went to Bordeaux over spring break to learn about the concept of the Bastides.
  • The Spanish section went to Guatemala over winter break and volunteered with a conservation organization working to protect endangered species.
  • The Japanese section went to Washington, DC to see the Cherry Blossom Festival and visit the Japanese Embassy.
  • The Arabic section has been to Jordan to research the condition of refugees residing in that country