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Weekly Meals

Residents in each language section meet four times per week over dinner or brunch to practice their language skills.

The four meals are as follows:

House Fellow Dinner: Once a week a House Fellow or faculty member from the relevant language department joins the students for dinner.  These are lively dinners to which guests (people who are not in the LH) are always invited and in attendance.  If you are not a LH student, and interested to join one of these meals, please read the Dinner Policy information below.

Alice Cook House House Dinner: Once a week, LH students join the Alice Cook House students for dinner for the weekly House Dinners that are held across West Campus. These are wonderful opportunities for the LH students to mingle with eachother and other ACH residents.

Additional meals: In addition to the meals above, LH students meet two more times per week to eat together, based on the schedules of the group.  These are smaller, more intimate dinners in which the LH students have the opportunity to practice and speak their language of study and in which friendships are strengthened.

Come dine with us!  

Spring 2015 House Fellow Dinner Schedule

Dinner Policy for Non-Language House Community Members

Cornell students, staff and faculty who are interested in sharing or improving their language skills are welcome at the Language House dinner tables as per the policies below. Non-Cornell guests may attend at the invitation of the House/Faculty Fellow.  All guests must be willing to interact with the undergraduate residents in the target language.

Those not on a meal plan should contact the House Fellow for their language in advance in order to be bonused/swiped in and to find out when the dinner is offered.  Guests should also be sure to arrive on time if they have arranged to be bonused in.

For those on a meal plan, you are welcome to simply show up and join the group.  For inquiries, please contact the House Fellow or Native Speaker for your language of interest.