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Alice Cook House People

Who's Who in Cook House?

House Professor Shorna Allred leads the community in Cook, frequently hosting events in her apartment. Assistant Dean Barnaby Knoll directs student support and house operations. Cornell graduate students serve the community as Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs). The GRFs live-in, modeling the intellectual life and supporting our residents' college experience. The Student Assistants (SAs) are undergraduate peer advisors. Lindsay LaLonde is our House Office Coordinator. The House Office offers a variety of services and is the operations hub of the House where you get your mail, sign up for events, and learn about what's happening in Cook this week. 

Chef Josh Holden oversees Cook Dining. He and his staff cook a variety of delicious meals for breakfast and dinner. 

The Cook Collective is the student leadership body of Alice Cook House - everyone is welcome to join!

Boldt Hall is home to the Language House, a language immersion program. Native Speakers serve as conversation guides to the target languages spoken in the Language House: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish. Derron Borders is the Language House Director.