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Cook Community Engagement

Bridging Self, Community, and World

Wednesdays are a special night in Cook House during the academic year, a time for our community to come together. House Dinner from 6-7 PM is the anchor of our Wednesday night programming. Chef Josh Holden prepares a special menu and dresses up the dining room with linens and flowers. House Fellows join lively discussions with residents at their tables. Wednesday nights create accessible and informal opportunities for Cook residents to interact with each other and guests, enriching their intellectual life at Cornell.
Join House Professor Shorna Allred for a weekly after-dinner discussion in her apartment.  Cook House hosts a special guest each Wednesday evening from 7-8 PM. The format is informal, and the topics are as varied and stimulating as the extraordinary lives and minds of those who come to chat with students about the things they care most about.  You can register for
Cook Community Engagement, NTRES 4940, 1 cr. or come when you can!

Contact the House Assistant Dean for information about the Alice Cook Active Citizen (AC2) program.

Community Engagement