Contacting Alice Cook House

Until Fall 2020 classes begin All Cook House mail and packages will be processed at the Becker House Office. 

Becker House Office: 607-255-8495

Alice Cook House Office:  607-255-9543 - Office is currently closed, but messages will be checked

House Professor-Dean, Shorna Allred:  607-255-9153
Assistant Dean, Steven King:  607-255-9157
House Chef/Manager:  607-255-9370


House Office Hours - Currently closed, these hours will resume 9/2/2020
Monday-Friday:  9am - 8pm
Saturday:  11am - 4pm
Sunday:  5pm - 7pm

For emergencies, contact Cornell University Police:  607-255-1111

Please contact the Housing & Dining Contracts Office for information about housing contracts and meal plans.


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