House Fellows

House Fellows

House Fellows are Cornell faculty and senior administrators who engage with Alice Cook House residents through intellectual and social opportunities that enhance student-faculty-staff interaction within the House.

House Fellows:

  • Build House community by interacting informally and formally with students in groups and as individuals on a regular basis.
  • Contribute to the intellectual and social life of the House.
  • Work closely with the House Professor-Dean, Assistant Dean, Graduate Resident Fellows, Student Assistants, Cook Collective (student leadership body), Active Citizens (returning residents who continue to be active members of the community by frequently attending programs and getting others involved), and student residents in establishing the House program.
  • Create opportunities for informal learning and artistic experiences for Cook residents such as programs, activities, informal offerings, lectures, screenings, workshops, arts events, discussion groups, off-campus outings, and non-credit in-House courses.
  • Engage other unaffiliated university faculty and senior administrators in social, artistic, and intellectual programming and opportunities to be with students in the House.

Examples of House Fellow Programs in the West Campus House System:

  • Cook House Receptions in House Professor-Dean Shorna Allred's apartment
  • Guest Speaker, "Cook Community Engagement Class" in House Professor-Dean Shorna Allred's apartment
  • Featured House Fellows at House Dinner
  • Dinner at Home (hosted by a House Fellow in his/her home )
  • Puddledockers Kayaking
  • Vet School Behind the Scenes
  • Late Night Cheese and Chocolate Fondue
  • Gorge Hike
  • Museum of the Earth
  • Herpetology Club Visit
  • Insectapalooza
  • Women in Business Dinner
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Movie Night
  • Sharing our Culture: Cooking from Home
  • Fuertes Observatory
  • Tango Dancing Lessons

Alice Cook House Fellows are paired with a Graduate Resident Fellow (GRF) who is their Cook House contact. GRFs help facilitate House Fellow engagement with the Cook community. GRFs provide assistance with brainstorming program ideas, scheduling and advertising programs, recruiting residents to attend programs, and any other support House Fellows need to be successful.

Andy smiling, wearing a striped button-down shirt and glasses
House Fellow

Andy L. Barrientos-Gómez holds a doctorate in Romance Studies from Cornell University.

picture of Mike Bishop
House Fellow

During his twenty in higher education, Mike has honed his commitment to strengthening democracy by providing emerging leaders with the tools to build healthy communities.

Ross Brann
House Fellow

Ross Brann studied at the University of California, Berkeley, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, New York University, and the American University in Cairo.

picture of Tawab Danish
House Fellow
House Fellow

André Dhondt is a native of Belgium where he obtained his Ph.D. in Biology at Ghent State University.

picture of Corey Earle
House Fellow

Since 2011, Corey has taught AMST 2001: The First American University, a 400-person course on the history of Cornell.

House Fellow

Dr. Kathy Earnest-Koons is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the College of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up in Norfolk, VA and attended Lynchburg College where she received a B.A. in English.

picture of Radwa
House Fellow

Dr. Radwa Elsaman is an Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at Cairo University’s Faculty of Law. Dr. Elsaman’s area of research and scholarship includes Commercial and Corporate Law; International Law and Development; and Gender Equality.

picture of Thamora Fishel
House Fellow

Dr. Thamora Fishel is the Associate Director of the Southeast Asia Program (SEAP).

Stephanie smiling, standing outside in the snow
House Fellow

After working as a GRF for Cook House, Stephanie is thrilled to come back to continue creat

picture of Chris
House Fellow

Dr. Chris Kai-Jones has previously taught courses at Cornell on religion and politics in the United States, trauma and violence, modern East Asian history, community food systems, and dialoguing across differences.

picture of Lisa Kaltenegger
House Fellow

Lisa Kaltenegger is Associate Professor at Cornell University and Director of the Carl Sagan Institute.

picture of Chris Kerber
House Fellow

Chris Kerber was named the Henry E. Bartels '48 Head Coach of Men’s Lightweight Rowing at Cornell University in August 2008. Kerber brought a wide-array of experience to the position as both a former rower as well as an administrator.

picture of Bruce Lewenstein
House Fellow

Bruce is a widely-known authority on public communication of science and technology – how science and technology are reported to the public and how the public understands controversial scientific issues and "emerging technologies" such as biotechn

picture of Estelle McKee
House Fellow

Estelle McKee is a Clinical Professor at Cornell Law School. She teaches Lawyering to first-year law students.

picture of Julie McLean
House Fellow

Julie McLean grew up in nearby Endicott, New York, and holds a B.A. in Art History from William Smith College. She started her career in arts education at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, then completed her M.A.

picture of Prachi
House Fellow

Born and raised in rural India, Prachi was raised by a freedom-fighter grandmother and parents deeply involved in anti-caste, feminist, and peasant movements.

picture of Andrew Quagliata
House Fellow

Andrew Quagliata is a lecturer of management communication in the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business, School of Hotel Administration.

picture of Wolfgang Sasche
House Fellow

Wolfgang Sachse was born in Berlin, Germany and immigrated to the US with his family as a young boy. He did his undergraduate studies in physics at Penn State and completed graduate studies in mechanics and materials at Johns Hopkins.

picture of Laurel Southard
House Fellow

Laurel Southard is Director of Undergraduate Research and Outreach in Biology at Cornell University.

picture of Dan
House Fellow

Dan Torop is a photographer whose work examines how we shape and imagine the land.

Picture of Eliza smiling and wearing a black shirt
House Fellow

Eliza VanCort is a #1 bestselling author, motivational speaker, communication consultant, ex

picture of Shan Varma
House Fellow

Shan Varma grew up in Highland Park, NJ and received his BA from Rutgers College as a double major in Economics and Political Science. He then went on to receive his JD from Southwestern College in Los Angeles.

picture of Jamila Walida-Simon
House Fellow

Jamila Walida Simon earned her Bachelor's Degree from Wells College and her Master's Degree from Cornell University. She began her career with Cornell University Cooperative Extension in New York City (CUCE-NYC) under the direction of Dr.

picture of Pat Wynn
House Fellow

Pat Wynn assumed the role of Executive Director for Campus Life Enterprise Services in July 2014, and became the Assistant Vice President in 2019.