Living in Cook

Living in Alice Cook House

Alice Cook House is:

  • 1 of 5 Houses in the West Campus House System, Cornell University's residential college initiative.
  • Home to 420 undergraduates living in Cook Main, Boldt Tower, Boldt Hall, North Baker, Baker Tower.
  • Home to The Language House, a language-learning residence in Boldt Hall for students practicing Arabic, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and German.
  • Led by House Professor-Dean Chantal Thomas.
  • A vital intellectual community that includes 30 House Fellows, Cornell faculty, senior administrators, and Ithaca community leaders who engage with residents through intellectual and social opportunities that enhance student-faculty-staff interaction within the House.

Who's Who in Cook House:

House Professor Chantal Thomas leads the intellectual side of Cook House, frequently hosting events in her apartment. House Assistant Dean Steven King directs student support and house operations. Cornell graduate students serve the community as live-in Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs), modeling the intellectual life and supporting residents' college experience. The Undergraduate Resident Fellows (URFs) are undergraduate peer advisors. The House Office offers a variety of services and is the operations hub of the House where you get your mail, sign up for events, and learn about what's happening. Chef Adam June oversees Cook Dining which provides a selection of delicious meals brunch and dinner. Alice Cook Active Citizens (AC2s) are returning residents who continue to be active members of the Cook Community by frequently attending programs and getting others involved. The Cook Collective is the student leadership body of Alice Cook House – all residents are welcome to join.